Airbnb soon to be legalized in San Francisco

In the city where it all began, Airbnb is now moving toward legalization. San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approved initial legislation on Tuesday that would legalize short-term rentals popularized on sites like Airbnb and VRBO, after certain requirements are met. For the past six years, the number of short-term rentals has grown even though they have not been permitted.

After six years of operating in San Francisco, Airbnb will finally become legal on its own home turf. The city’s board of supervisors voted to legalize and regulate short-term stays through a controversial piece of legislation that has been two years in the making and comes in the midst of one of the city’s most acute housing shortages in history. David Chiu, who is the president of the board of supervisors and is running to represent San Francisco in the state assembly this November, has been the one leading the legislative process. I wrote a piece earlier today describing some the law’s changes and some of its more controversial points. The key changes include a limit on non-hosted rentals for up to 90 days per year. That’s on the concern that Airbnb will eat into the city’s limited housing stock.

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