Apple is reportedly hosting its iPad event on October 16th

It’s October, which means it’s time for new iPads. And Apple’s planning to hold an event for just that on October 16th, says Recode, which has a very good track record with these dates. That’s just a few days earlier than when Apple held an event last year where it debuted the iPad Air, the iPad Mini with Retina display, and launched its revamped Mac Pro. Expected at this one is an updated version of the iPad Air, a final version of OS X Yosemite, which Apple is in the middle of finishing up, and quite possibly iMacs with Retina displays.

Recovered from Apple’s huge iPhone 6 event in September yet? Good, because Re/code’s John Paczkowski is reporting that Apple has another major event set up for October 16th and this time the company will be talking about its iPad line of tablets. It’s widely expected that Apple will use the event to announce its next-generation iPad Air model and Re/code is also reporting that Apple will unveil new iMacs and will also launch OS X Yosemite. While this obviously won’t be as hype-fueled as the iPhone 6 launch, it still promises to be a major event that will see Apple try to reignite demand for its iPads, which have seen their sales decline year-over-year. According to the latest rumors, Apple only plans to launch a next-generation iPad Air at this event and will likely save the launch of the next-generation Retina iPad mini and the huge so-called “iPad Pro” tablet until next year.


By Alfie Joshua

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