Apple purges all Bose products from its stores

Last week we had heard the rumors that Apple could be thinking about removing Bose’s audio products from their stores this week, and sure enough it looks like the rumors have come true. It has been noted that Apple has since remove Bose product listings from their online store, which includes the QuietComfort series of headphones, speakers like the SoundLink Mini and the SoundLink III.

Following the news that a lawsuit between Apple’s Beats and Bose had been settled, all Bose products — including both headphones and speakers — have been removed from Apple’s online store. A rumor first surfaced a week ago claiming that Apple was planning to remove Bose sound products from its stores. On Friday, that became a reality, when all of the company’s headphones and speakers disappeared from the online storefront. Though the products are no longer available for purchase, as of Friday afternoon queries such as “Bose Headphones” and “Bose Speaker System” still showed up in the search bar as suggested topics.

By Lorie Wimble

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