Apple wants to revolutionize the way we use SIM cards

If you happened to pore over the details added to Apple’s website yesterday about its new iPads, you might have noticed that models with cellular capabilities include something interesting on the wireless front. They use a special SIM card – the tiny card that allows your device to connect to a carrier’s network – called Apple SIM. And unlike SIM cards in use today, it is not locked to a single carrier.

The buzziest feature of the new iPads may have nothing to do with how thin it is or the resolution of the screen. With minimal trumpeting, Apple revealed in its promotional material that it will ship the devices with a built-in cellular SIM card that will allow users to buy wireless service a la carte, on the spot. AT&T , Sprint and T-Mobile have signed up to take part. Verizon is sitting it out for now. A number of technology bloggers caught wind of the development and began speculating about a future in which phones, too, would have built-in SIM cards, freeing people from the need to chain themselves to specific carriers.

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