Baidu confirms that its working on an OS for bicycles

Chinese search giant Baidu is getting on the smart bike bandwagon with an operating system that lets cyclists track their workouts and routes. Baidu plans on revealing a prototype bike running the OS, which hasn’t been named yet, later this year. The bike isn’t meant to be a self-driving vehicle, but a health-tracking system geared for bike riders wanting to improve their workouts, a company spokeswoman said Friday.

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as sailing past a traffic jam on a bicycle, laughing at the people stuck in their cars. It’s an experience that’s easy to have in many Chinese cities where traffic congestion is common, and now it seems Baidu is looking to make city biking even more fun by bringing it into the digital age. The Chinese search engine company confirmed to Tech in Asia this morning that it’s currently working on a smart bike OS called DuBike. The confirmation comes in response to rumors about the bike on Chinese media.

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