Beats Music subscriptions are no longer available on AT&T

Having your app subscriptions and app purchases charged to your carrier billing is a great way to consolidate all your mobile-related purchases and expenses. It saves users from having to worry about having two separate bills to pay, in which one might be accidentally forgotten and leads to a lot of hassle afterwards.

AT&T is no longer offering Beats Music subscriptions to its subscribers as an add-on service, according to an AT&T employee who spoke to MacRumors. The cellular company has ceased giving customers the option to sign up for Beats Music when purchasing a new phone plan and the Beats Music website has been updated to remove its “Subscribe with AT&T” options.¬†AT&T employees have also been instructed to stop selling Beats Music subscriptions to customers, suggesting the partnership between Beats Music and AT&T has come to an end following Apple’s Beats acquisition.

By Alfie Joshua

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