CyanogenMod creators turned down Google’s $1 billion acquisition offer

Google does not like forked Android systems because they cannot have control with their apps on the software, and the company makes no excuses about this. Sundar Pichai, the head of Android has said Amazon’s take on the platform is not something they want to associate with, but it seems Cyanogen’s is. It has been reported today that Google sounded out the Seattle based Cyanogen Inc. over a potential takeover, with the mooted price set at $1 billion.

The creators of CyanogenMod — a customized open source mobile operating system based on Android — has rebuffed the advances of Android’s creator, Google. Although Cyanogen hasn’t actually created any consumer products or generated any real revenue, it has managed to acquire a $1 billion valuation, and is seeking additional funding. The high valuation of Cyanogen is in part based on the popularity of CyanogenMod, as well as a number of partnerships with smartphone manufacturers such as Oppo and OnePlus, which has seen CyanogenMod replace stock Android as the mobile operating system for a number of devices, especially in emerging markets.


By Michio Hasai

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