Cybersecurity startup Zenedge emerges from stealth with $3.5 million

After building cybersecurity startup Zenedge for two years, the serial entrepreneurs behind it are emerging from stealth with funding and expansion plans, Venture Capital Dispatch has learned. Like Akamai’s Prolexic, Check Point Software Technologies and other competitors, Zenedge detects DDoS, or distributed denial-of service attacks, SQL injections of malicious code commands and other cyber attacks with the goal of thwarting them before they do damage.

Zenedge, a San Jose, Calif.-based security startup, took in $3.5 million in a first round of funding Thursday and promptly emerged from stealth mode. “We’ve created a solution to a problem no one else is adequately addressing: the ability to plug security holes in a content delivery network and shield businesses from any potential attack,” Yuri Frayman, Zenedge’s co-founder and chief executive, said in a release. Security plays are hot right now. Especially in light of an unrelenting stream of serious security breaches in the U.S. beginning last December. First, Target suffered a hack after one of its point-of-sale systems was infected with malware. Over 40 million customers had their credit data boosted.

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