Facebook reportedly turns to Samsung for a Facebook smartphone

The idea of a Facebook smartphone has been talked about for years, with the social network a prime candidate to breakaway into the mobile space. Much of Facebook’s revenue and traffic comes from mobile so given its users a dedicated device seems like a good idea on the surface. Despite a few bumps in the road it seems like Facebook has not abandoned the idea entirely and is planning on hooking up with the biggest name in the industry to get the device right… Samsung.

From the Cha Cha to the HTC First, the idea of a Facebook phone has been lingering for several years. Perhaps not giving up on the dream, the uber popular social media outlet is reportedly ready to take another shot at creating a smartphone and this time the company is looking for a new hardware partner. According to multiple Korean news outlets, Facebook frontman Mark Zuckerberg recently met with Samsung’s leadership to discuss a hardware partnership. Not exactly a stretch, Samsung’s Gear VR headset uses tech from Oculus VR, which is owned by Facebook, so the two companies clearly have history with each other. While no additional details about a new Facebook phone have been mentioned, it’s possible the two companies could team up again to create some new hardware. Considering the recent influx of selfie-focused smartphones, another Facebook-centric phone almost makes sense.

By Louie Baur

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