For better or worse, Google+ is here to stay

It seemed inevitable that Google’s social experiment would eventually be scrubbed off the face of the Internet. The disdain for Google+ and Google’s forced implementation of the social media platform into each and every one of its products seems to be pushing users away, but in an interview with Re/code, new head of social media David Besbris claims that his team is “the largest it’s ever been.”

Google+ isn’t dying anytime soon, says Google’s new head of social media David Besbris. Of course, you’d expect the person in charge of the social network to say so, despite the fact that it’s hard to ignore the chatter about the imminent demise of Google’s social media efforts following the departure of longtime Google+ head Vic Gundotra who unexpectedly left in April. Besbris assured us Google has every intention to continue investment in the division. The former VP of engineering for Google+ took the reins from Gundotra in April, and now oversees all of Google’s social products. The Google+ team has new offices on the east side of Google’s sprawling Mountain View, Calif., campus, and rumors that the team was dwindling are also not true.

By Chastity Mansfield

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