Google Fiber will finally launch in Austin in December

It looks like AT&T’s gigabit internet is going to get some new company in Austin come December: Google Fiber. At a recent planning meeting in the Weird City, Mountain View detailed how it’ll at long last roll the service out, and, as Gigaom notes, it seems similar to what’s been in place in the Kansas City, Missouri area. 

At long last, Google will launch its fiber network in Austin, beginning this December in the south and southeast portions of the city. The company will continue rolling out gigabit service in stages as it’s deployed in other parts of the town. Google also plans to implement a similar sign up-process for fiber as it did in Kansas City, where areas are divided into neighborhoods and residents need to commit to get fiber. Neighborhoods that hit a threshold specified by Google will get fiber. Those that do not meet that threshold will not, although in Kansas City, neighborhoods have gotten a second chance to sign up.

By Scarlett Madison

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