Microsoft CEO apologizes for controversial comments about women

A week after his controversial comments about women and pay raises, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today again apologized for the remarks, telling employees in a company-wide memo that it was “a humbling and learning experience.” He described his comment, that women should rely on good “karma” rather than asking for a raise, as “generic advice that was just plain wrong” in hindsight.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Wednesday apologized for remarks he had made last week at a women in computing conference, in which he said women needn’t ask for raises but to trust in the system to deliver the pay they deserve. He called the feedback and comments he received “a humbling and learning experience.” He also said he was “100 percent committed to diversity and inclusion” at Microsoft, and that the company would be focusing immediately on equal pay for equal work, recruiting more diversity, and fostering a more inclusive culture.

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