Microsoft updates the Windows 10 technical preview

Microsoft on Tuesday officially released its first update to the Windows 10 Technical Preview operating system, which it first launched on Sept. 31 and is already being used by 1 million people. The Windows 10 Technical Preview is a sample taste of the brand new Windows 10 operating system that will launch next year. So far, users have been able to get a taste of the new windowed-Modern apps, the return of the Start Menu with live tiles and more. Now, Microsoft has a new version that early testers can take advantage of.

There’s a new build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview available, for you enterprising early adopters who jumped on the first release. Build 9860 (up from Build 9841) adds a host of new features, squashes some bugs and likely brews up a few new ones. Microsoft says that there are nearly 7,000 new improvements and fixes since the first Windows 10 build we checked out a few weeks ago, many of which were based on the handy Windows Feedback app that’s bundled with Windows 10.┬áThere’s a new Action Center (borrowed from Windows Phone 8.1) that’ll list things like incoming messages, status updates, emails and calendar events in one spot. The virtual-desktops functionality has also been improved a bit: a new animation shows you when you’re bouncing around between desktops, and you can use a new keyboard shortcut (Windows key + Shift + arrow key) to move apps between multiple monitors.

By Scarlett Madison

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