OnePlus One to go up for pre-order next week… kinda

The OnePlus One smartphone from OnePlus has been making waves since early this year. The high-end handset with a ridiculously low price tag has earned quite the following due to the fact that you can only buy one through invite. But that’s all about to change as the OnePlus One will be within reach of everyone starting next week. On October 27 at 3 p.m. GMT, the company will begin accepting pre-orders for their smartphone. 

The OnePlus One has been sort of an underground hit, namely due to the fact you could only purchase the handset with an invite. Thankfully, if you’ve had your eyes on it for a while, OnePlus just revealed that its $300 Android smartphone is, more or less, ready to go mainstream next week, on October 27th. Pre-orders for the newly announced general availability are set to go live that day at 11AM ET, which is great news to people who haven’t had a chance to jump on the invite-only wave. The bad news, however, is that this is going to be limited to a one-hour window. For now, OnePlus is continuing to take invites, so that’s still an option to those with access to one. “While the pre-order system won’t completely replace the current invites method, it is certainly a huge step towards expanding the reach of OnePlus,” the company said in a blog post.


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