RAM modules for the iPad Air 2 have been leaked

It’s been argued that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus operate just fine with just 1GB of RAM. That seems unusual to Android enthusiasts who are used to flagships with up to 3GB of RAM but, in general, iOS 8 doesn’t seem to need that much power. Perhaps it soon will, however, as a new leak reveals that Apple has apparently ordered modules for 2GB of RAM that will find their way into the new iPad Air 2.

Third-party Apple service provider GeekBar has shared a picture of what is said to be a 2 GB Elpida RAM module for the iPad Air 2. The units shown appear to be similar to the 1 GB of Elpida DDR3 SDRAM found in the first-generation iPad Air, and the photo follows a report from last month which stated that the next-generation iPad Air would receive a memory upgrade to 2 GB of RAM. Apple first offered 1 GB of RAM with the iPad 3, keeping the same amount of memory in the iPad 4 and the iPad Air. It is likely that previous iPads have not seen a memory increase to keep costs low and preserve battery life, but Apple may offer 2 GB of RAM with the iPad Air 2 in order to offer the best performance on iOS 8.


By Rocco Penn

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