Samsung has sold 4.5 million Galaxy Note 4 phablets

There weren’t many smartphones in 2014 that received as much attention as the Galaxy Note 4, but a staggered launch by Samsung might have kept the phablet from breaking any sales records. Korea’s News 1 reports that after a month on the market, Samsung sold 4.5 million Galaxy Note 4 units, 500,000 less than the Note 3 sold in its first month. There is one major caveat to this report: the Note 4 was only available in Korea and China for a majority of that time. Now that the phone is beginning to roll out around the world, it has a chance to catch up with, and possibly even surpass, the pace of the Note 3 last year.

Ever since the introduction of the original Galaxy Note, Samsung’s phablet line has been been steadily rising in popularity. The second generation Note II sold more units in its first month of availability than its predecessor, and the same was true for its successor, the Note 3, which sold even better in turn. According to a new report out of South Korea, however, the Note 4 could fail to manage the same feat. Apparently, global sales of the Galaxy Note 4 have now reached 4.5 million, almost exactly a month after its release. If true, that would mean that the Note 4, which we ranked very highly in our review, sold half a mil less than its predecessor. Obviously, these figures are not yet official, and we do have to keep in mind that many important regions are only just starting to see the Note 4 come in stock locally, so it’s certainly possible that the rate of sales can spike up in the following months.

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