Shapify Booth is a full-body scanner for 3D-printed replicas of people

Artec Group, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional 3D software and hardware, announced the debut of its Shapify Booth in the USA. This first-of-its-kind booth creates a full scan of a person or object in just 12 seconds and automatically produces a detailed 3D model from this data, which is then used to 3D print a full color replica mini-me figurine called a “Shapie.” Shapies are the perfect gift or keepsake, similar to a photograph.

3D scanner manufactuer Artec Group today announced the U.S. debut of its Shapify Booth, which can scan your entire body in 12 seconds and use the resulting file to print a life-like figurine. The figurine, which Shapify is calling a “Shapie,” is created on a 3D printer in full color. Artec hopes the scanning booths will catch on in U.S. retail stores, such as Walmart, as well as theme parks and other major tourist sites, shopping malls and airports. Artec has already rolled the booths out in two ASDA supermarkets in the UK. ASDA is owned by Walmart.¬†Artec offers to print the figurines for booth operators (retailers) for $50 for a 6-in model, $70 for a 7.5-in model, and $100 for a 9-in figurine. A $50 shipping fee is charged for a per bulk order and covers delivery within seven days anywhere in the world. Artec is suggesting retailers sell the finished figurines for $99, $139, and $199, respectively.

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