ShipHawk raises $5 million to make shipping unique items easier

ShipHawk reported that it has raised $5M to fund an API that lets eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, online auctions and small businesses take unpacked, real-world items and convert them into a language that shipping companies understand. Not only does ShipHawk facilitate quotes, but it backs each one with its very own price guarantee.

When shipping small items, it’s no problem to use services like FedEx or UPS, but what if you have a large, heavy, or unusually shaped item? When you have an item that doesn’t easily fit in a box, you need to work with specialized carriers, but they generally aren’t easy to find or very transparent with their pricing. ShipHawk wants to take the pain out of shipping those items, with a platform that allows users to get shipping quotes from multiple providers and pick the one that makes the most sense for them. The company just closed on $5 million in new funding to expand its business and get its shipping engine integrated with a wider range of e-commerce platforms.

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By Louie Baur

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