Sony continues its 9 month PS4 sales lead over the Xbox One

Despite some early indications that Microsoft might have finally found a way to combat the sales chart tyranny of the PlayStation 4, the latest numbers from the NPD Group say otherwise. In an email correspondence on Thursday afternoon, Sony confirmed that the PS4 had achieved nine straight months of chart-topping success, tripling August’s sales figures.

Microsoft can try giving away free games, and cutting the price of the Xbox One, but the PlayStation 4 remains at the top of the U.S. sales charts. Sony announced today that the PS4 is the best-selling console in America for the 9th month running, even after projections from analyst Michael Pachter put Microsoft’s offering ahead for the first time since its launch. In a statement emailed to GeekWire, Sony credited its success to the launch of “Destiny,” the hotly-anticipated new game from the company that developed “Halo.”

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By Connor Livingston

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