Sony explains how the PS4’s upcoming game-sharing feature will work

When next Tuesday’s 2.0 update hits for the PlayStation 4, Sony will finally turn one of the most ambitious promises it made when the console was first announced a reality. We’re talking about Share Play, of course. We know: the ability to virtually hand a controller off to a pal via the internet and have them work through a game’s tricky section for you sounds kinda like magic, the type that only Disney is capable of. But, in theory it sounds pretty simple, and the catch-up king has recently released a video that walks through the process step by step.

On Oct. 28, the PlayStation 4 will receive a new feature dubbed Share Play as part of the console’s 2.0 system software update. Share Play will let PS4 owners share their games over the internet, which Sony has likened to a “virtual couch.” In a new video released by Sony Computer Entertainment, the company walks us through how that works and what the new feature really does. With Share Play, PS4 owners virtually share a DualShock 4 controller. That feature lets another player take control of your game — to help you through a particularly tricky section of a game, for example — and lets another player join you for a local multiplayer session, virtually. Those sharing features are available to other players, even if they don’t own the game. But there is one important limitation: Share Play sessions are restricted to one hour. For more details on Share Play, check out Sony’s video preview of the upcoming feature. Version 2.0 of PS4’s system software has more than just Share Play, which you can learn more about here.


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