Sony’s Smartwatch 3 is coming to Verizon

Not content with just bringing the Z3v to Verizon, Sony also revealed that the $250 Smartwatch 3 will be accompanying its flagship smartphone to the big red network. The Sony Smartwatch 3 originally debuted at IFA back in September. It will feature a 1.2-GHz quad-core ARM A7 processor, 512MB of RAM, Bluetooth, NFC and Android Wear (a first for Sony). Sony also equips the Smartwatch 3 with 420 mAh battery, which may offer better longevity than the endurance seen on the Moto 360 (320 mAh battery).

Sony is finally taking the US market seriously. In the past the Japanese giant has rolled out mobile products months after they first launch in other markets. However, the company has already detailed plans for the latest Xperia Z3 to land in the US alongside the rest of the world, while the Verizon exclusive Xperia Z3v is also confirmed for launch this month. We can also add to that list Sony’s latest wearable, the SmartWatch 3.¬†At the “Demand Great” event held to launch the Xperia Z3v this week, Sony said that its newest Smartwatch would be landing in the US and would be available from Verizon. The company did not offer a specific date for the roll out, other than to say it was coming soon, while Sony also did not detail if other carriers or retailers would offer the device. I presume that companies such as Best Buy will offer the wearable, while some other carriers may pick it up eventually too.

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