Toshiba is entering the smartglasses market

Toshiba is the latest tech company to offer smart glasses and guess what – they are also named quite similar to the alternatives with the well-thought out ‘Toshiba Glass’ tag. In fairness to Toshiba (and in contrast to HTC), Toshiba do seem to be a lot further down the road with their Glass. Toshiba’s Glass is due to be showcased tomorrow in Japan at the annual Ceatec trade show. As the event is due to begin tomorrow and typical of these events today was the opportunity for the press to get a sneak peak and first glimpse of Toshiba’s Glass.

Toshiba is eyeing the smart glasses market. The company is showing a prototype pair of glasses at the Ceatec trade show in Japan this week, and while they might not edge Google Glass out of the market, they should be a bit cheaper. Called Toshiba Glass, they have a tiny, lightweight projector clipped onto one of the arms near the lens. That projector displays an image that reflects off the inside of the lens to provide an augmented reality-type display. It’s a similar principle to Google Glass, which also uses a built-in projector. But unlike Google Glass, Toshiba’s glasses don’t have a prism over the lens to reflect the image into the eye. Instead, with Toshiba’s product, the glasses lens itself comprises a series of narrow, vertical prisms. They’re pretty much invisible when you look straight through the lens, but an image projected from an angle reflects back into the eye. Toshiba says the glasses weigh 42 grams—about the same as Google Glass, according to this report (Google doesn’t give the weight in its specs). But they’re far less impressive than Google’s product for a few reasons.

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