Twitter unveils Fabric, it’s new modular SDK

Twitter is flocking toward mobile like it is the promised land of revenue. On the surface, it appears Twitter has charted a course there by riding the power of the airwaves. But underneath it all is a new mobile app development framework dubbed Fabric, a platform designed to grow and scale with the app reflecting membership and revenue.

At its first developer conference Twitter CEO Dick Costolo announced Twitter’s new modular SDK, Fabric, to the assembled developers. But more importantly it may have introduced a way to do away with the broken password system. The new SDK is actually three kits. One for Twitter, one for MoPub, Twitter’s ad network, and the last one for Crashlytics, Twitter’s crash reporting solution. Developers can drag and drop whichever portion of Fabric SDK they want to use into their IDE (Integrated Development Environment) without having to bloat their workflow with features they don’t need. The plugins are available for Xcode for iOS and Eclipse and XI for Android.

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