Amazon Cloud Drive now has its own API

Amazon Cloud Drive provides users with online storage for photos, music, and other files. Anyone can get 5GB of cloud storage for free and Amazon recently began offering unlimited photo storage as part of Amazon Prime Photos. Now Amazon is offering developers a way to tap into its cloud storage with Cloud Drive API. This will let developers create apps that let you do things like edit your saved photos, create and save documents that are stored online, and more.

Amazon is working to make its Cloud Drive service more competitive in the crowded online storage market. After recently bundling free, unlimited photo storage on Cloud Drive for Amazon Prime customers, today the company is going after developers with a new Cloud Drive API. The API will allow third-party developers to integrate Cloud Drive into their own applications, so they can focus more on their app’s feature set rather than the complexities involved with storage. Developers, of course, have been using Amazon Web Services for some time, but the Cloud Drive API is focused on building similar, more consumer-facing technology into applications. For instance, a photo-editing app could allow users to browse and edit photos they have stored on Amazon Cloud Drive.

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