Apple is facing legal troubles in India over the “iFon” name

While the iPhone moniker is one known to many people as being a product from Apple, in some parts of the world that isn’t true. For example in Brazil, the iPhone is actually a competing product as the trademark to the name was filed way before Apple launched the device. Now it looks like Apple could face another trademark battle in India over the “iFon” name.

Apple is once again facing “iPhone” naming writes woes, this time in a challenge coming from Indian firm iVoice Enterprises, which claims the phonetic similarity between iPhone and its own “iFon” destroyed the project before it got off the ground. According to iVoice managing director V. P. Balaji, the Erode-based company was founded in 2007 to create a low-priced, feature-rich mobile phones to be marketed in India as “iFon,” reports The Time of India.

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