BitTorrent’s file synchronizing service is leaving beta next year

BitTorrent has announced that in 2015, its file synchronizing service Sync will be out of beta as Sync 2.0, and will also offer a premium subscription option. Dubbed Sync Pro, the premium service will offer capabilities like having access to very large folders, controlling ownership and permissions for shared folders, keeping information automatically consistent across desktop and mobile devices, and more.

BitTorrent wants to make it easier for you to control your data. The company, best known for helping people share large files incredibly fast, is now applying the technology to syncing very large files across devices. BitTorrent announced Wednesday a premium version of Sync that will pit BitTorrent Sync against cloud-based services such as Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. BitTorrent wants Sync 2.0 to appeal to two key groups: Individuals and businesses wanting to share unlimited-size files, and people worried about privacy and security in the cloud. “We developed the product for things that need to be kept very, very private,” said Erik Pounds, vice president of product management in charge of Sync.

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