Corning unveils the next generation of Gorilla Glass

Corning today unveiled its new Gorilla Glass 4, its next-generation glass production that is even more resistant than previous versions to glass shattering drops. According to Corning, the company extensively studied shattered screens to understand how and why they break. The culmination of this testing was Gorilla Glass 4, which reportedly is two times stronger than competing products and can survive 80% of face-down falls onto rough surfaces such as sandpaper. 

It’s unlikely we’ll see a truly impervious smartphone screen anytime soon, but Corning says it’s getting us closer. Today the company is announcing Gorilla Glass 4, the latest revision of its signature cover glass. Gorilla Glass has already been embraced by nearly every major electronics maker in the industry; Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, and Microsoft all use it on their smartphones and tablets. If you buy any flagship device today, odds are its display is protected by Gorilla Glass. Every year, Corning tells us it’s delivered a stronger, more durable glass designed to withstand the abuse we often put our gadgets through. Last year, Gorilla Glass 3 and its “native damage resistance” held up better against daily threats like sharing a pocket with car keys. But as people discover every day, Gorilla Glass 3 screens can still break. With Gorilla Glass 4, Corning is trying to focus on threat number one: drops.

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