Google News now features suggested news stories

Google just added a new Suggested Stories feature to its news search results, so you can let the search engine pull up a customized selection of stories to read about based on whatever terrifyingly dense accumulation of personal data Google has on you by now. Krishna Bharat, who founded Google News, announced the new feature on Tuesday. 

Google News founder Krishna Bharat announced in a post on Google+ that the company is rolling out a new “Suggested for you” feature to News search results. Bharat says the goal of the section is to show news specific to you and topics that interest you, as well as local stories. For each story that appears, Google will give its reasoning for why it included it in the suggested tab, as well as an option to mark it as not interesting. For instance, if you search for Coldplay a lot, the “Suggested for you” tab will show you recent news that is about or mentions Coldplay. The stories change with the news in an effort to keep things “fresh and serendipitous,” Bharat says. “Google News now has a “Suggested for you” section with stories likely to match your interests. The goal is to surface narrow and local topics specific to you. You can tweak by saying ‘Not interested’ until it’s more to your liking.”

By Sal McCloskey

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