Hexoskin is a health monitoring bio-metric smart shirt

Hexoskin, the biometric smart shirt that provides users with in-depth insight regarding their physical training, sleep and daily activities, is expanding their product line to include the Arctic Smart Shirt. The Arctic Smart Shirt is the World’s first cold weather Biometric Smart Shirt. The sensor filled Hexoskin shirt is the perfect base layer for optimum training in cold weather.

The sensors that have begun showing up on our wrists will eventually spread to clothing and accessories all over our bodies. We’re already seeing them in shoes, hats, and upper body garments. No doubt slacks and underwear are coming next. One of the first movers in this space is Hexoskin, which already has a whole line of clothing for athletes and others who are exposed to the elements. The company’s new garment, the Arctic Smart Shirt, uses three sensors — two just under the chest and one on the lower right side — woven into the fabric to track various biometrics. These include basic metrics such as heart rate, step count, sleep duration, and calories burned, as well as more complicated algorithm-driven stats like heart rate recovery, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, activity level, and acceleration.


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