Microsoft uses a Lumia 730 to take the world’s biggest selfie

The blooming young population and growing middle-class have led to a high-demand of mid range handsets. Top-notch smartphone makers now aim to cash in on selfie phenomenon. Microsoft, for instance, is marketing its Lumia 730 as an ultimate device for taking selfies. Most recently, Microsoft Lumia Bangladesh used the Lumia 730 to set a world record for most people captured in a single selfie. In fact, Microsoft was able to fit in as many as 1151 people into the record breaking selfie. This is just a beginning, as many more records will be broken this season.

Ah, the selfie. This particular word that has entered mainstream consciousness for what seems to be the longest time now (relatively speaking, of course), is set to scale new heights thanks to Microsoft. Over in a promotional event that was held in Bangladesh, Microsoft as well as Coca-Cola teamed up so that local citizens will be to register and participate in an event that will snag a world record in the process, being the world’s most populated selfie. This unique event was carried out at the Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, where a registration booth was on hand to check in the participants who had signed up earlier on, before making an accurate headcount in order to substantiate the record for the photo. There were those who took part in this selfie who also picked up prizes along the way, such as the recently introduced Lumia 730 smartphone. Why was the Lumia 730 used to snap the world’s most populated selfie? Well, that is because it came with a 5MP front-facing camera.


By Jesseb Shiloh

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