Oculus VR asks Sony to make sure it releases a quality VR headset

I don’t think Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe was threatening Sony over Morpheus as much as he was pleading with them. The CEO apparently offered some insight to Sony regarding that incoming play for the virtual reality world. “Please make sure your product is as good or close!” The Guardian has it from Iribe at the recent Web Summit Conference. Oculus is worried that big consumer companies will push virtual reality tech too hard and too fast, thus potentially ruining consumer impressions.

The chief executive of Facebook-owned virtual reality firm Oculus VR has warned rival Sony not to launch a VR headset until it has solved problems of motion sickness. “We’re really looking forward to this as an industry that takes off… A number of companies will come in, even companies we haven’t heard of yet two or three or five years down the road,” said Iribe, who was speaking at the Web Summit conference in Dublin. “At the same time we’re a little worried about some of the bigger companies putting out product that isn’t quite ready. That elephant in the room is disorientation and motion sickness.” Past developer versions of his own company’s Oculus Rift headset have sparked debate about this issue, with some users reporting suffering motion sickness when playing games while wearing them. Iribe said that he expects the consumer version of Oculus Rift to have solved these issues, but delivered a warning to rivals. “We’re encouraging other companies, particularly the big consumer companies, to not put out a product until they’ve solved that problem,” he said.


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