Oculus VR launches mobile SDK in preparation for Samsung’s Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR, a mobile virtual reality headset powered by Oculus technology that uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone for its display, will be available in North America starting this December at a pricepoint of $200, Oculus has revealed. The first-run “Innovator Editon” can also be bundled with a Bluetooth gamepad for an additional $50, and you can pre-register for more news updates directly through Samsung.

Oculus VR has been working with Samsung to make mobile virtual reality a reality, and just today Samsung detailed launch information for the Gear VR Innovator Edition for its Galaxy Note 4 handset. The Gear VR set is power by Oculus Mobile software, and so Oculus is launching the official Mobile Software Development Kit today to help prepare some apps for the new platform.Gear VR in its ‘Innovator Edition’ form is still very much a development and early adopter devices, and this initial release of the mobile SDK is designed specifically to meet its needs. The SDK has been in development for over a year with Samsung, Oculus says, and supports a number of fancy-sounding features which no-doubt mean something to the fine developers who are actually able to understand this stuff.

By Alfie Joshua

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