OnePlus teases a new upcoming device

There was much hype associated with the “flagship killer” this year, a competitively priced smartphone called OnePlus One which had specifications that matched many flagship devices from major OEMs on paper. Even though it has been quite hard to get your hands on one its time now to look towards the future and expect more from this nascent smartphone manufacturer. Rumor has it that the OnePlus One 2, expected next year, has “surprises in store when it comes to hardware.”

There were several fantastic Android smartphones that debuted in 2014. What started as a very boring year for smartphone fans ended up packing much more action than we expected, thanks in large part to a handful of surprising Motorola handsets and a few other gems that launched in the second half. But there was one smartphone that most people in America have probably never heard of that ended up being the most exciting Android handset of the year for serious Android fans, and its sequel may have just been detailed for the first time. We typically pass over reports that cite just one single source in passing info along, but Business Insider seems confident that its unnamed source means business, and the site recently posted some details that supposedly reveal early info on the OnePlus One’s sequel. OnePlus Two? OnePlus One 2?

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