Rumors of a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus recall are false

According to an earlier report, it was revealed that users of the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus were reporting that their phones were crashing and randomly rebooting. A newer report from South Korean media outlets had suggested that the problem could be a hardware issue with the memory controller and that Apple could even issue a recall. Well before you start panicking, it seems that perhaps the reports might have been a little exaggerated.

Reports claiming Apple could face a possible iPhone 6 Plus recall regarding a problem with NAND flash causing crashes for a small number of users are not true, according to a source close to the situation. Users in Apple’s support forums have recently highlighted a rare issue that causes iPhones to crash, specifically for users with a large amount of apps installed. A majority of users noticed the problem on a 128GB iPhone Plus (the device those with large app libraries would naturally gravitate towards), although the problem isn’t specific to the iPhone 6 Plus or iOS 8. In fact, a similar problem has affected a very small amount of users since as far back as iOS 6. Today several news outlets picked up a story from BusinessKorea claiming the issue could be a result of malfunctioning NAND flash. The report cited sources that claimed Apple could have a potential recall on its hands, but we’ve confirmed with our sources that reports of a recall are completely false.

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