Samsung’s Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 plagued by weak signals

When Apple first introduced the iPhone 4 with its metal band around the frame of the device, it led to numerous complaints of poor reception and users losing reception entirely when they gripped their phones in a certain way. While Apple downplayed the issue, they eventually got around to changing its design which dealt with the problem in the iPhone 4S. Well it looks like Samsung could be facing a similar issue with their metal-clad Samsung Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 handsets.

Samsung’s brand new A-series of metal-clad warriors got introduced recently with the unveiling of the Galaxy A5 and A3 handsets. The phones sport an entirely metal unibody that radiates beauty, as they are also one of the thinnest and lightest phones Samsung currently has on offer. With great design come grand problems, though, and Samsung is not exactly experienced with all-metal casings. We learned yesterday that there aren’t enough tooling machines from Samsung or its suppliers to craft the beautiful chassis of the A5 and A3, that’s why they will be released first in Asia, and in seemingly limited batches at that, until Samsung figures out how to ramp up production. This doesn’t really bode well for the all-metal concept of the Galaxy S6 we showed you earlier, since if Samsung can’t procure enough metal casings for experimental lines like the A-series, what will happen with the Galaxy S flagship line that usually sells in the tens of millions.


By Michio Hasai

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