Snapchat wants to completely ban third-party apps

Snapchat has begun issuing warnings to users about linking third-party apps to the platform’s API, and will start locking the accounts of those who do not comply. The messaging app is a popular service due to a feature which deletes data including text and images after they have been viewed by the recipient. However, the use of third-party apps which breach this private arena has been a cause for concern, as well as a recent cyberattack caused by this weak link in the chain.

Snapchat had troubles when it came to security in the past few weeks when a third party app used to save the snaps was compromised. To strengthen its security, Snapchat announced they are going to lock the accounts of users who will continue to use third-party applications for the service. Snapchat said in a blog post, “Starting today, we will notify Snapchatters when we have detected that they may be using third-party apps and we’ll ask those Snapchatters to change their password and stop using unauthorized apps.” The company said they are going to send out warning message if they detect a user using a third-party Snapchat application, and will request user to change their password immediately. If you don’t, they will lock your account, which can be unlocked by changing the password, but if you don’t do that, they threaten to permanently lock your account.

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