SPUDs could bring stethoscopes to the modern era

Most of the stethoscopes that the majority of the clinicians use have more or less maintained a similar form factor and functionality over the last few decades. While these stethoscopes are not exactly all that rigid, their do have a rather limited flexibility which might make it rather challenging to access a person’s chest during emergency situations. Stethoscope Technologies has come up with a sound pick-up device (SPUD) which is actually a chestpiece – and this chestpiece can be hooked up to just about any other pair of headphones. 

Stethoscopes that most clinicians use have remained essentially the same for decades. They’re not exactly rigid, but their flexibility is limited in emergency situations when accessing a person’s chest is a challenge. A company called Stethoscope Technologies has developed a sound pick-up device (SPUD) that’s basically just a chestpiece that can be connected to any pair of headphones. The device is intended for use by paramedics who will be able to slide the SPUD down the person’s neck and onto the chest without removing layers of clothing. The attached headphones, having a cord much more flexible than on traditional stethoscopes, can remain comfortably on the person doing the auscultation and hopefully allow for a much quicker diagnosis of whether the heart is beating.

By Michio Hasai

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