Twitter might be looking to acquire Justin Bieber’s selfie-centric app

With selfies being the rage these days, we can’t say we’re surprised that developers are trying to cash in on the opportunity by creating apps with a selfie-focus. Shots is such an app, and it is also an app that has seen tremendous growth. As it stands, it has a user base of more than 3 million and about two-thirds are women under 24. This is apparently the reason as to why Twitter could be thinking about picking up the app for themselves.

Whoops. Twitter CFO Anthony Noto sent out a tweet Monday about a potential acquisition target in what appeared to be a Direct Message that was tweeted out accidentally. It was quickly deleted by Noto, but not before journalists captured a screen grab of the tweet. The fact that Twitter is looking for an acquisition isn’t surprising — Re/code highlighted a number of possible purchase targets last month with the assumption that Twitter may open its wallet to address user growth issues. In light of Monday’s gaffe, we thought it was a good time to freshen up the list. We removed a handful of companies, including some of the messaging services. We’ve been told Twitter is not looking to buy a standalone messenger. (Given Noto’s accidental tweet, they may want to reconsider.) So who was Noto talking about on Monday and who are they meeting on December 15 or 16? From everything we’re hearing, it sounds as if Twitter is courting multiple companies. Here are a few possibilities.

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