Vaxxas wants to replace vaccination injections with the Nanopatch

If you’re someone who hates injections, you’ll like the next generation of vaccine delivery devices because they don’t look anything like needles and, apparently, they don’t hurt a bit. Take the Nanopatch, being developed by an Australian company called Vaxxas. Instead of a single spike, it’s covered in tens of thousands of tiny drug-laced pins. It’s designed to be pressed against the skin and barely make it through the surface.

An Australian company is developing a piece of nanotechnology, which could see the end of the painful vaccination jab. The next-generation vaccine delivery system, created by Vaxxas, is called the Nanopatch and is the size of an adult thumbnail. It uses thousands of vaccine-coated pins that perforate into the skin. “The Nanopatch is simply a much, much better way to deliver vaccine. It has the potential to be more efficient and more effective immunologically, while also being better for vaccine producers, better for health-workers, and better for patients,” Vaxxas CEO David Hoey told Mashable.

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By Connor Livingston

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