Apple’s original Apple Watch from 1995 was… interesting

Apple’s first wearable computer is set to release next year but it’s actually not the company’s first foray into wrist watches. MacRumors points out that Apple would often create Apple-branded watches that it would give away as promotional items, including the truly hideous one pictured above that would have made Steve Jobs spontaneously combust if anyone had ever dared bring it to him as a potential product.

While customers are looking forward to the launch of the Apple Watch early next year, there have been several other Apple-branded watches over the years typically offered as promotional items, and one of those items from nearly 20 years ago is making a comeback. A limited number of these Apple watches from 1995 were kept by a distributor and have now been made available for sale, priced from $99-$129 depending on condition, and all watches come with a new battery. While they lack any advanced features, the watches with their quirky design may be of interest to some collectors.

By Michio Hasai

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