Disney unveils Imagicademy, a new learning initiative for children

Disney Publishing Worldwide, the world’s largest publisher of children’s books and apps and a division of Disney Consumer Products, today unveiled Disney Imagicademy, a new technology-driven learning initiative designed for families with children 3 to 8 to encourage children to learn by creating, doing and making. Disney Imagicademy offers parents a way to expose their children to fundamental educational concepts in a fun and uniquely Disney way, combining the Disney characters and stories families love, with a research-driven curriculum developed in conjunction with top academic and education experts.

Disney just unveiled its digital learning initiative Imagicademy, which will launch on December 11. The company first mentioned Imagicademy last month, but without any real details. As outlined at a press event today in New York, it’s a suite of mobile learning apps for kids, along with an app where parents can follow along, give their kids a virtual high five, and see recommended physical activities that complement that in-app lessons. Eventually, Disney plans to release printed material and smart toys, too. “As you can see, it’s so much more than a set of digital apps — it’s about a brand,” said Andrew Sugarman, executive vice president of Disney Publishing Worldwide,. “It’s a comprehensive suite of connected experiences, all of which have been created with quality, attention to detail, and, yes, magic.” More specifically, Bob Chapek, president of Disney Consumer Products, said that when the company interviewed parents about existing learning apps, they said that the landscape is cluttered, with inconsistent quality. And even if they find something that they and their kids like, it tends to be a one-off experience. With Imagicademy, on the other hand, there are plans for a suite of 30 similarly branded apps covering math, creative arts, science, language arts, and social skills. The first app to launch will be Mickey’s Magical Math World on iPad, as well as the companion app for parents.

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