HBO GO has finally made its way to Amazon’s Fire TV

HBO is one of the most popular premium networks on TV, with shows like Game of Thrones and others. The channel has also launched an online and mobile app called HBO GO. This brings the content to your computer, phone or tablet. Now the network has arrived on Amazon Fire TV, the tiny set-top box that launched earlier this year. It’s a strong competitor to Roku and Apple TV. While arguably less capable than the former, it is also stronger than the latter in its offerings.

Amazon is filling in one of the biggest missing features on the Fire TV today: access to HBO Go. HBO subscribers will now be able to stream the network’s movies and TV series on the Fire TV, with support for the Fire TV Stick starting this spring. “We’re thrilled to add HBO Go, the most requested service, to Fire TV in time for the holidays,” Amazon says in a statement. “HBO has produced some of the most groundbreaking and award-winning TV shows and movies, and we are excited to bring this amazing content to our customers, all of which is accessible via voice search on your Fire TV remote.” There’s a catch, however. “Comcast and Charter are not currently supporting HBO Go on Amazon Fire TV,” according to an Amazon spokesperson, saying customers should “reach out to Comcast and Charter for further information on availability.” This is typical behavior for the plodding Comcast.

By Carl Durrek

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