Hulu has signed a major exclusivity deal with Fox

Fox has always been a friend of Hulu’s (which makes sense considering 21st Century Fox is the company’s largest shareholder), and it looks like that partnership is going to get a lot closer thanks to this exclusivity deal. For fans of watching Archer and It’s Always Sunny on Netflix, don’t panic. Older shows don’t seem to be on Hulu’s list of shows on lockdown – not yet, anyway. Instead, Hulu’s new deal focuses on shows that debuted this year and shows that are coming out next year.

As we’ve said so many times (this week) the battle between streaming services has become all about what exclusive content each one has to offer, and with HBO joining in soon it’s only going to get tougher. It’s no surprise then, that Hulu’s next attempt to get a leg up on the competition is coming with help from the cable arm of part-owner (and former employer of its CEO Mike Hopkins) Fox. Hulu is about to become the best/only place to watch FX (and FXX, and FXXX whenever that launches) shows without a cable subscription and access to FX Now apps. So don’t expect to see hows like Tyrant, The Strain, You’re The Worst and Married on Netflix or Amazon, they’re spoken for. That also goes for new shows debuting next year like the Louis CK / Zach Galifianakis production Baskets and the M Night Shyamalan Fox miniseries Wayward Pines.


By Connor Livingston

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