Intel wants to power the worlds first “smartship”

Intel and Royal Caribbean have teamed up to integrate Intel-powered tablets onboard Quantum of the Seas, the world’s first “Smartship.” Signaling a new modern age of cruising, Royal Caribbean is installing 15,000 Intel-based Dell Venue tablets at point-of-sale locations on the new ship. It is also using 40,000 Intel-powered tablets built by HEXA Electronics, to give to every crew member throughout its fleet, providing them an easy way to stay connected with friends and family while at sea.

Going on a cruise is definitely a fun thing to do – especially when you take into consideration how everything on board has already been paid for (most of the time anyway), where all you need to do is hang loose, let your hair down, and party all the way. Both Intel Corporation and Royal Caribbean International have come together to deliver on what is deemed to be the first “smartship” in the world, as though we do not have enough smart around already. What does this collaboration between the two bring to the table? Well, Royal Caribbean will get to work by installing a whopping 15,000 (yes, fifteen thousand!) Intel-based Dell Venue tablets at point-of-sale locations all over the new ship. Apart from that, it will also be making use of 40,000 Intel-powered tablets that have been manufactured by HEXA Electronics, so that every crew member all over its massive fleet will be able to have a convenient method of remaining connected with friends and family while they are at sea. Hmmm, and here I am thinking that one would go on board a cruise to get away from it all


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