John Legere believes the Apple Watch will make wearables mainstream

John Legere is as boisterous as he is ingenious, which is probably why his company has had such a wildly successful year. Now that the year is coming to an end, T-Mobile’s candid CEO is discussing what he believes 2015 will have in store for the industry, and there seems to be a recurring theme in these predictions: Apple. In particular, Legere believes the Apple Watch will be the force that takes wearable electronics to the mainstream. 

Outspoken T-Mobile U.S. Chief Executive John Legere published a series of predictions on Tuesday for what he thinks lies ahead in 2015 in the wireless industry, and revealed he has big expectations for the upcoming Apple Watch. Legere said he believes the Apple Watch will “mark the tipping point when wearables go from niche to mainstream,” he wrote in a new blog post. To him, 2015 will mark the true beginning of the wearables market thanks to Apple, as he believes current devices do not yet show the potential of wearable electronics. The T-Mobile CEO cited a projection from Transparency Market Research, which believes that the wearables market could balloon to $20 billion in sales within the next few years.

By Lorie Wimble

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