Leaked images show the Windows 10 Store

A leaked image of the Windows 10 Store shows that it will offer an HTC Windows Phone app. This would seem to confirm the expected unification of the Windows Phone Store with the Windows Store in Windows 10. The HTC app found in the Windows 10 Store is called Make More Space, and is supposed to alert those with an HTC branded Windows Phone when their available storage space is low. Once the alert is received, the phone owner can decide to remove some apps or content from his handset to free up more space.

We know Windows 10 will unify the Windows Phone Store and the desktop/laptop W8 store, and some interesting evidence related to this has just popped up. Long time Windows leaker AngelWZR has posted the above image on twitter, taken from the Windows 10 beta store, which shows HTC’s Make More Space phone app available to install in the Windows 10 store. Besides demonstrating the unified store, which we of course knew already, it also suggests to me that HTC is working on Windows 10 for phone handsets, which led to the app becoming available in the store. There has been rumours of the high-end HTC M9 also coming to Windows Phone next year, which of course would be welcome news given how fallow this area has been recently. Read more about that here.

By Lorie Wimble

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