Mark Zuckerberg is crowdsourcing his “personal challenge” for 2015

Mark Zuckerberg isn’t sure what goals he should to set for himself in 2015, so he’s turning to the 1.35 billion users on Facebook to help him crowdsource ideas. Setting these challenges is something that the co-founder of Facebook does every year. Previous goals involved learning Mandarin, meeting a new person each day, and only eating meat from animals that he killed himself.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg sets himself a “personal challenge” every year, from wearing a tie every day in 2009 and learning to speak Mandarin in 2010 to only eating meat in 2011 if he killed the animal himself. Now Zuckerberg is turning to Facebook’s 1.35 billion users for ideas for his challenge in 2015. “I’m crowdsourcing ideas for my next year’s personal challenge. For background, every year I take on a challenge to broaden my perspective and learn something about the world beyond my work at Facebook,” he explained in a public post on the social network. “I have an idea of what my next challenge might be, but I’m open to more ideas before the new year officially begins.”


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