New leak allegedly reveals the OnePlus Two’s specs and release date

When the OnePlus One first hit the market it offered some of the best specs around, but eight months later it’s starting to look a little dated. Thankfully, the Chinese startup is already working on a follow-up device, and a new report from MobileBurn suggests it could be another powerhouse handset. Unfortunately, MobileBurn’s source claims the OnePlus Two won’t launch until the third quarter of 2015, and notes that the price could jump by around $100 compared to this year’s model.

You may (or may not) be getting your OnePlus One now, but the device is actually aging in terms of flagship longevity. The affordable high spec’d flagship botherer is slowly slipping behind in terms of specs, even if it is an amazing bargain today as it was when it was announced a year ago. It is not widely available and that is slowly changing, but there is no doubt that the Chinese company is already working on its successor. I wrote about the OnePlus Two a couple of weeks back and said the handset would not launch until the second half of 2015 as OnePlus makes the most of increasing One availability. We have some new information regarding the sequel to one of the best smartphones of 2014, with a OnePlus One reseller shedding some light on the upcoming device.


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