OnePlus is planning a big announcement later today

The OnePlus One is barely a year old but it looks like OnePlus has a new announcement planned, according to a recent teaser image posted on their Google+ page. The image doesn’t really say or show much, except that it reads, “Go Further” followed by four blue LED dots. It also gives us a date which is the 17th of December, meaning that the announcement will be made tomorrow. Like we said, the OnePlus One is barely a year old which means that a new phone announcement seems unlikely at this point in time. 

OnePlus has been in the news a lot today. There was that purported OnePlus One Mini leak, and then the partnership with MaxxAudio for the One. But it now looks like the company is set to announce something new as soon as tomorrow. OnePlus posted the image you can see below on its official Google+ account today. So clearly something is coming, but what? You might think it will be the OnePlus One Mini, since it just leaked today, but that device could have been nothing more than a Chinese knockoff. If it’s not going to be a new phone, then surely OnePlus will start selling another accessory. And this is where those four blue dots come into the picture. They look incredibly similar to the LEDs that many external battery packs use to signal the amount of charge they’re currently holding.


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