Online sales grew by 8.3% this Christmas according to IBM

Every year right after Christmas, IBM reports its analysis of online and mobile sales. This year, Big Blue discovered that 57.1% of all online shopping traffic belonged to mobile devices. That is a healthy 18.6% increase over last year’s numbers. Breaking those numbers down, smartphone traffic (40.6%) out numbered the traffic that came from tablets (15.9%). 

Christmas is a religious and cultural celebration for billions of people, which means it’s also a big day for online shopping. Online sales grew by 8.3 percent over 2013, according to the latest figures from IBM. Mobile traffic accounted for more than half (57.1 percent) of all online shopping traffic, up 18.6 percent over 2013. Furthermore, these visitors weren’t just browsing: Mobile sales made up over a third (34.8 percent) of total Christmas Day online sales, an increase of 20.4 percent year-over-year. As always in the U.S., iOS beat out Android in mobile shopping this Christmas. iOS users averaged $97.28 per order compared to $67.40 for Android users, a difference of 44.3 percent.


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